Tuesday, November 2, 2010

what an uneventful day...

Halloween 2010 - Vampire

This morning I woke up with an allergic reaction on my face, more specifically the area above my lip was covered in red splotchy spots! It was on my right elbow too. It's gotten better now, but I stayed at home today since I have no need to go to the office this week and I can just do my work at home. Our remodeling is all done and I was taking a bath in our new jacuzzi for the first time last and decided to throw in a bath bomb. I'm prety sure the bath bomb is what caused my allergic reaction because that was the only thing I did differently from my normal activities. I guess there's a lot of aromatic oils and such in the bath bomb and thats probably what set it off. Oh well, I'm so used to these allergic reactions since I've always had really sensitive skin.

With the remodeling done now, we're working on cleaning everything up and making everything homey again. It's been a very uncomfortable past one and a half moneths living in the basement while the house was being torn apart and put back together. Now that everything is done I feel so relieved and I'm so thankful for the final product.

I've been using rose hip oil on my face at night for the past two weeks and although I hate the feeling of putting oil on my face, the results have been pretty good. I feel like there's no dramatic change, but my face overall seems brighter and maybe more even in skintone. I'm pleased with the results so I'll keep using it. Hopefully it is not the cause of my allergic reaction today, but I doubt it since I've been using it for a while now. I've still been using my Thayer's rose water toner as well, I absolutely love that stuff.

I am looking forward to the holidays and eating lots of yummy sweet things!


  1. Mmmmm I am looking forward to yummy sweet things too. Nice vampy look!

  2. I've been getting into natural remedies too! The latest I've made is a grapefruit seed extract mouthwash. My teeth have never felt cleaner!

    Hope all goes well with the remodeling!

  3. @The Girlie Blog: Thanks! I know yummy sweet things, I'm gonna get fat this holiday season!

    @Toosdai: That sounds cool do you know any natural teeth whitening remedies?