Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Want a Red Mill Burger!!!!

So...I woke up this morning craving this! I always do when I drink the night before. I feel like I could eat everything the next morning :) I'm not a big burger person, the greasy oily taste just really gets to me, but Red Mill Burgers and In-N-Out are a total exception
Wanted to tell you a little story about an incident I had last night. It was a little gathering at a friend's place. There is this guy that came to the gathering. He happens to be a good friend of my honey which doesn't make me like him any more. Anyway, this guy purposely pronounces my name wrong through the entire night. I know he knows how to pronounce my name because we had met before and I remember him being a really nice guy actually, but after last night he is officially a jerk in my book. I even confronted him about pronouncing my name wrong all night even after so many people corrected him. You will not believe how rude he was when I asked him about it. He says "Does it matter?" WTF He also continues to sneak in rude comments to me and I just don't understand why he would be so mean to me since I am someone he barely knows!!!! I guess he's known for being socially awkward, but I remember him being just fine the last time I had met him. I don't know maybe I was just drunk and imagining all this, I just felt really surprised that some guy I don't really even know could be so rude!!!!
...OK, the venting is over :)
...I will try to be mature about this and not expect an apology from him next time we meet
...although I fully believe I deserve one!!!!
It's actually a sunny day in Seattle! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend regardless of weather!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Seattle = Rain = Depression = :(

Here's a pic of me in Leavenworth's Bavarian Village with their awesome bratwursts! Yummm!!! highlight of the trip, made up for the car accident on the way. I wore so many layers but I still felt really cold! Especially my hands and feet! They have an awesome gourmet cheese shop called "The Cheesemonger's Shop." After eating some of the delicious cheese there I can't wait to go back and fill my trunk with all the varieties of cheese they have (you see why my diet doesn't work lol)
A cute little husky pup I got to babysit for a minute while the owner used the potty. Puppy smelled like soap & love :)
Insane collection of creepy dolls plus me hiding in the background.

Just ordered this chemise cuz I always sleep in shorts and a T-shirt and I wanted something that made me feel preeettyy when I sleep for a change.

Second purchase from VS was this really cute bikini, exact same color as in the picture. I will probably need a tan and a diet to look this good, but hey I can try to work on that. Really got to cut down on the VS shopping!! :0


...And to the topic. After graduation I've noticed I get stressed easier and often feel really depressed. The Seattle rain doesn't help either of course. I feel like my life has become a monotonous cycle repeating itself every 24 hours. For the past few months I thought it was just me, but after bringing it up with my friends it sounds like it's a common issue with them as well. I'm starting to think class of 2009 is cursed! I've been getting really sensitive to things I've never paid attention to before. I argue more with my honey. I feel more vulnerable to getting hurt which starts making me think that I am just plain weak. The stress has gotten easier to deal with as time goes on. The cure is really just my attitude, but that is pretty difficult for me cuz unfortunately I'm naturally just a pessimistic person. I've found that to help me from feeling depressed I work on finding little things to do that make me happy such as visiting my favorite tea shop or going on a date with my honey. Little things like that are what keep me from completely falling through. I'm really thankful for these everyday things that keep me smiling. These days I also hold dear to me the advice my teacher from high school gave me. "Don't sweat the small stuff," and I completely agree with the saying! I'm hoping to use this blog to remind myself to try to stay positive and don't dwell on little things that don't really matter. I used to keep a paper journal all through my high school days which helped keep me from feeling stressed, but I dropped that hobby when I started college and now I think I'll try to blog more often to keep my stress level down.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Like I said before, SO HOT!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

randomness update

So...few things happened over the past couple months. I got into a car accident and I quit my job. Although it's not the best time to be quitting jobs, I am so happy to have quit because the environment/people were just all wrong for me and I truly felt it wasn't a place I wanted to stay for a long time. I definitely learned a lot and feel grateful for the experience but it's just not a place I want to get stuck in. I could vent about all the horrible things about the job, but I won't. STAY POSITIVE!!! Oh and the car accident was pretty scary. It happened on the drive up to Leavenworth through the pass on New Year's Eve. I spent the countdown filing a claim with my insurance company over the phone. :( BUT damages to the car are all fixed and no one got hurt so its all water under the bridge now.
Recently, I've been listening to Robin Thicke's new album Sex Therapy. SO HOTT!!!!
Here are some random photos I came across on my computer out of boredom, some recent some old.
*Memories, well they can be inviting, but some are altogether mighty frightening* ah I remember when that song first came out :)
Blue Man Show in Chicago, I GOT TO GO ON STAGE!!! That was so so cool and I remember being really nervous when they picked me out of the crowd and took me on stage. I got this banana gunk sprayed on me and it stuck to my hair and I smelled like bananas for the rest of the night.

At my friend's b-day dinner party. Got bored since I got there a little early and decided to fit myself into an old school safe they used for deco

I just got a texture perm recently, however I am too lazy to style it and so it looks like this most of the time. I really like the perm cause it looks really natural, none of my friends knew I had a perm, and because I can make the curls more defined by styling as well as have them more relaxed when I don't want to do the work.

My only new year's resolution is to enjoy life. I can stress all day about my failed dieting, my constant battle with anxiety at the thought that I'm running out of time (sounds psycho I know) and the fact that I really haven't figured out what the hell I'm doing, but all that worrying is just a waste of my time. I'm gonna try to live each day doing the best that I can in work, relationships, academics and eventually I'm sure things will fall into place.