Friday, September 18, 2009

So, those MJ's came in today! They are now my favorite shoes! I can't wait until I actually get to wear them out. Here's some pics of me trying them on right out of the box...again excuse the chunky legs *ahem.

This was the last day of heavy food before we started our diet; salmon penne, seafood grill with brochette. Lunch at Cutter's in Pike Place.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cooking: Black Bean & Corn Salad

The bf and I have officially started a diet. I found this recipe online and its delicious! Black Bean & Corn Salad! Here's a pic of my serving...From here on we've decided to eat healthy. More veggies, grains and all that good stuff. Of course that doesn't mean we can't indulge ourselves once in a while :) This diet will be a challenge since I ABSOLUTELY LOVE FOOD!!!! bye bye to strawberry ice cream and salt & vinegar chips :(

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cooking: Simple Primavera

Came across this photograph by a photographer named Justice Howard. Don't know the artist, but I just thought it was sexy and I love the tattoos in this picture!
Pic of my last cooking experiment! Simple Primavera pasta dish. My bf loves this one!

Someone told me the other day that a larger ratio between a man's ring finger and his index finger indicates a larger than average penis...wonder if that't true
...and for women, a longer ring/index ratio indicates higher sex drive!
If it is true => long ring finger = big dick
then it's helpful for girls in getting a little idea of what they are dealing with size-wise :)
Another thing, Orgasms! Not only fun, but healthy for you and helps you sleep. An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away!
I read somewhere that there are two different kinds of orgasms; clitoral and vaginal.
Clitoral orgasms are supposed to be more concentrated in a certain area while vaginal orgasms are more unsuppressed. I never thought about it before but, its totally true there is a difference.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


A quick pic of me wearing the boots I bought online (Steve Madden Brio in Cognac). I absolutely love the color and have been wearing these boots with everything these days. You can push them down for a shorter and scrunchier look but, I like them best pulled up. Awkward pic because I almost lost my balance on the beam! oh and excuse my chunky looking legs, lol.

Friday, September 11, 2009

New Weekend!

So it's been a stressful week again of jobsearching. My interviews have been advancing and currently I'm studying to pass some tests I need to get out of the way before I officially start work. My official start date is estimated to be somewhere in the beginning of November. This is happy news of course but, I really wanted something I could start sooner. BUMMER!! oh well, these things do happen for a reason I'm sure.
My boyfriend and I were visiting our favorite bubble tea place called SHINKA TEA in capitol hill and decided to stick around the area for dinner, so we tried this greek place the owner of SHINKA recommended. The place was called VIOS and it was a friendly medium sized greek cafe. The atmosphere was really lively, wine was being opened every five minutes and the service was good.
My bf ordered Chicken Souvlaki which was really good. I hate sour cream but, the white cream sauce was a mixture of sour cream and something sweet which made this perfect taste. The tomatoes also had a sweet and zesty flavor and needless to say I was munching off his plate most of the time. :)

My order was called Pastisio, which is a meat pasta dish with a cream on top. As pretty as this dish was, it was way too heavy for me. If there was less cream in this dish it would have been good, but the cream got rather sickening so I had to scrape it off and put it to the side.
These are a pair of shoes I've been wanting to buy online. Frye Andrea Mary Janes in Cognac. In my unemployed circumstance I was going to wait until I had a job with a steady income before I purchased these. They were something I could look forward to in the midst of my job search. Yes, I have been working on being more disciplined about my spending. I've gotten into the routine of collecting all my receipts and watching my monthly spending since of course it is my parent's money and I feel guilty for not having a job yet. It's also a good habit to be on top of your finances instead of oblivious to how much you spend and where the bulk of that money is going towards. Anyways, to my surprise, last night at dinner my bf told me that he had just purchased the shoes for me cause he was buying a pair of shoes from the same site as well!!! God, he is the sweetest man seriously. I feel sooo guilty and happy at the same time. I absolutely adore that fact that he bought me the MJ's but, I feel so bad that I am dead poor right now and unable to shower him with gifts in return. :(


Richmond Beach Coffee Company!! Went there for the first time with my bf on a Thursday night and had my usual plain americano with honey & cream while my bf had a zebra mocha with half syrup. It's about a ten minutes drive from our place and I absolutely love that we found this place. Although its a couple minutes drive away from the beach, it has this breezy right on the beach kind of feel. The interior layout gives a summery sun-washed vintage feel, with its mismatched antique-like furniture. From Thursday to Saturday they have live music in the evening and we just happened to stop by just in time for some. The coffee was great and aside from serving just coffee they also have crepes, wine, bubble tea and various other deli treats. In the evening, they had all these string lights set up around their building and trees which made the place look very festive and welcoming. The band of the night played various Hawaiian songs as well as some relaxing American classics. Towards the end of our stay there they played Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" and Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." I love Israel's cover of the song so I fell more in love with this place after hearing the band play.
Back when I was going to UW, my bf and I frequenly went to Zoka's because we loved their coffee and to our surprise when we asked the barista at RBCC what kind of coffee beans they use, they told us they used Zoka's! That pretty much sealed the deal and we have now found our new coffee joint!! This morning my bf said "Let's grab some coffee later at RBCC today!" LOL I sense we will be there very often.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Cooking: Phad Thai & something interesting

Had a little cooking adventure the other day! I made Phad Thai for the first time and was rather proud that it turned out pretty good especially since I had to keep tasting & adding stuff over and over again.
Korean Melon!!! I bought a whole box the other day, you can get it at Paldo-World or other korean food markets. I'm sure you can find them in other Asian food markets too. so good :))
I've also been snacking on dates since yesterday, forgot how much I love them!


Although the Phad Thai went well, my bf found this Sea Bass Soup recipe for us to try and we ended up making something that tasted like ginger and seawater, LOL too many clams I guess :(

On a side note, the interview today was so-so, not the best I have to say. It felt really routine to me, maybe it was because he was interviewing back to back all day, but the guy doing the interview probably stared more at his question sheet than anything. *sigh*

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

quick post: new earrings arrived in the mail

Purchased two PRETTY CHEAP earrings from online. They arrived in the mail today. The pic of the first pair of earrings is pretty blurry, but im just too lazy to take a better pic. I like the second pair of earrings better!

Rain has come again!

What a sucky life I'm having right now!! My hmm..hmm.. dropped my laptop comp, leaving a dent on the corner! To make things worse, somehow the hardrive was found corrupted and now I have lost ALL my files!!!!!

I woke up around 3:30 in the AFTERNOON!!!! I was so hyper last night and everything was going so slow! I don't remember when I fell asleep.

With the job hunt so far I just had my 5th or 6th interview with the same company. I don't get officially hired until November :(((( So I need to find an immediate job for now until then cause I want to work NOW!!!!! Oh someone please hire me!!! Recent Economics major from UW!!!! Hire meeee!

To make myself feel better from the job hunt stress I got a pair of boots. Steve Madden Brio in cognac. They were originally $99.95 but I got them 20% off for $79.96! They're really cute huh? My shopping crave was satisfied and now I have to quit spending until I find a job. Hate being funded by my parents!!

It rained today for the first time in a while! Yay! back to Seattle weather again!
I'm watching the rain from the deck while eating honey nut cheerios!
peace, love & pixiedust