Sunday, September 13, 2009

Someone told me the other day that a larger ratio between a man's ring finger and his index finger indicates a larger than average penis...wonder if that't true
...and for women, a longer ring/index ratio indicates higher sex drive!
If it is true => long ring finger = big dick
then it's helpful for girls in getting a little idea of what they are dealing with size-wise :)
Another thing, Orgasms! Not only fun, but healthy for you and helps you sleep. An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away!
I read somewhere that there are two different kinds of orgasms; clitoral and vaginal.
Clitoral orgasms are supposed to be more concentrated in a certain area while vaginal orgasms are more unsuppressed. I never thought about it before but, its totally true there is a difference.


  1. Hi, I just saw that you're on the blog followers list for my blog--cool.

    One type of orgasm that many people never talk about is an 'anal orgasm.' People, gay or straight, that do anal play in bed can have this type of orgasm ...

    Anyways, I'm laughing at myself right now because this is my first comment on your blog--but hey, life is full of surprises, right?

  2. True! orgasm can relieve headache faster than taking aspirins !