Monday, September 13, 2010

A couple pics of my puppy Mickey!!

collective haul over a long break...

I've been MIA from my blog for a long time and so I wanted to share a bunch of shopping I've been doing...a lot of shopping for sure.

I've beem going blush/bronzer crazy lately and so I've vowed to not buy any more of them. Let's hope I can keep that promise.

Top to bottom, left to right: Nars Angelika, NYX Pinky, Too Faced Snow Bunny, MAC Pink Swoon.

I bought all these blushes/bronzer after reading reviews because I didn't want to waste money since some of these products were pricey. Turns out the reviews were correct and I am very happy with these purchases. I was looking for the perfect pink blush, but I ended up loving all three pink blushes I purchased. Nars Angelika has a beautiful gold shimmer, NYX Pinky is a very cheap matte barbie pink, and MAC Pink Swoon is a more subtle matte pink. I recommend any one of those three blushes. Along with hunting for blushes I was looking for the perfect bronzer for my skin color since I'm on the lighter size. Too Faced Snow Bunny is now my official HG bronzer. I gave up on bronzers long ago because they always looked too orange or muddy on me, but this one is perfect!! I'm so glad I gave it a try :)
Close up of Nars Angelika in all its shimmery glory

A small NYX haul because I wanted to test out their lipglosses as well as some eyeshadows for halloween. The eyeshadows in the left photo are rust and amber gold, beautiful rich colors. Below those is a lipliner in rose, which is a perfect natural light pink. In the photo on the right I have NYX blush in peach, which was a total waste of money because its chalky and doesn't show up. Then below those I have the NYX megashine lipglosses in Tea Rose (top) and Smokey Look (bottom). I also have the lipgloss in 129 beige which I use almost every day now, but I didn't post a pic.

When it comes to lip gloss I always stuck to high end brands like MAC because I had one bad allergic experience long ago with a drugstore lipgloss which made me fear all drugstore lip products up until now. I really love NYX lipsticks and lip glosses. You do have your hits and misses, but there are some colors in their lipstick and lipgloss lines that I absolutely can't live without now. Examples of those are the NYX round lipstick in Thalia and the NYX megashine lipglosses in 129 beige and smokey look. It's no wonder they are so popular.

I'm in love with Viva Glam Gaga and so I decided to try the Cyndi Lauper lipstick too. It's a very wearable red coral color, however, I still love Viva Glam Gaga more.

The Stila Collectible travel Palette No. 2 "Pretty in Paris" I bought because it was only $10 and the colors were something I could wear at the office. I use this palette a few times a week for my neutral work look. A good buy in my opinion!

My first Korres lip butter purchase was in pomegranate, which is a coral color. One of my favorite items to keep in my purse. Then one day I walked into Sephora and saw that they had many more color selections so I picked up Mango (left) and Wild Rose (right). They are sheer and not as dark as they are in the pot. $10 each. Mango is a sheer peachy summery color and Wild Rose gives a very sheer red stain. I love them both so much!!! They are perfect on those days when I want a little color but don't feel like reaching for a lipstick. I wore these often in the daytime during summer

I did an Everyday Minerals haul. From top to bottom, left to right: Glow Blush in Charm & Hypnotize (which are also swatched on my hand); ultrasuede, snow leopard, sugar skulls(free sample), fools gold, summer bronzer (free gift), twinkle twinkle little bat. I've swatched all the eyeshadows and the colors are very pigmented and bright, but I haven't really used any of them yet. The summer bronzer, which was a free gift is nothing special. I would not reccomend this bronzer because it is not very pigmented and ends up looking orange when built up.

I also went a little brush crazy over the past few months. I bought five Sigma brushes (top two pictures), left to right: Sigma Duo Fibre F50, Sigma SS239, Sigma Short Shader E20, Sigma Small Tapered Blending E45, and Sigma Pencil E30. All five of these Sigma brushes are excellent quality, very soft and not prone to shedding. I am very anal about my brushes being soft so it's always the first thing I look for in makeup brushes and Sigma brushes definitely pass my test.

I also bought various Coastal Scents brushes from their pink series (bottom left and bottom right pictures), left to right: Pink Oval Synthetic Concealer Brush, Pink Semi Firm Pointed Crease, Pink Angle Taklon Liner Brush, Pink Duo Fiber Powder Stipper, Pink Kolinsky Lip Brush, and the Pink Kabuki Brush. The brushes overall are not bad. The ones I wouldn't recommend from the batch I bought are the pencil brush and the kabuki brush. They both are very scratchy and I never use them. The brushes overall do shed which is annoying, but for their price I don't mind.

I also bought three Everyday Minerals Brushes (middle picture), left to right: Long handled kabuki, flat top brush, eye kabuki brush. These brushes are so incredibly soft and dense. They have not shed at all in my use. I use the long handled kabuki and the flat top brush for putting on pressed mineral powder foundation. The flat top brush also works well for bronzer application. The eye kabuki brush is a little too big, but I like using it for blending the entire lid.

Last one I promise, but I also purchased brushes from the EcoTools line and I'm so glad I did because I absolutely love their bronzer and powder brush. I use them literally every day. EcoTools makes the softest brushes I have ever felt. I also got the Alicia Silverstone 5-piece brush set with bag. My favorite brushes from that set are the duo fibre brush and the blush brush. The bag it comes in is really cute too. I know I don't have pictures of these brushes but that's cuz I haven't cleaned them and I seriously use them like crazy.

Plus I got a free brush from Sigma, its a short travel sized blending brush, Sigma Blending E25. I haven't used it so I can't say anything about it, but I liked all the other brushes so I probably will like this one too.

So if I were to recommend any makeup brushes my must haves would be:
*Sigma for eye brushes
*EcoTools Bronzer Brush
*EcoTools Powder Brush
*EcoTools Blush Brush
Sigma or EcoTools Duo Fibre Brush
*Everyday Minerals Long Handled Kabuki

Made a couple fragrance purchases. Just got Chanel Chance because I've been wanting it forever and cause I love Coco Mademoiselle so much. It was very expensive, but I used a 15% off coupon on so I was able to purchase it for $98, which is still A LOT, but better getting some dollars knocked off than nothing. I also got Burberry Summer earlier in the summer season because I just wanted a light summery scent and because it was only $33 on Amazon. I have come to the conclusion that Chanel makes THE BEST perfumes!! (Or at least my favorite ones)

Bought 3 OPI colors. Left to right: Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, Skinny Dip'n in Lake Michigan, and Tickle My France-y. I am in love with the last two colors and wear them constantly. Skinny Dip'n in Lake Michigan is a shimmer peachy nude while Tickle My France-y is a no-shimmer beige-y nude, perfect color for fall. Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous is an extra shimmery gunmetal, which looks great, but not something I can wear every day.

Lush haul!!! I got the Fresh Farmacy cleanser, which is a very gentle and very pink cleanser. It has chamomile, rose and tea tree oil in it. What I love about this cleanser is that it doesnt dry out my face. Then I got 2 massage bars. The first one is the Fever massage bar, which smells like jasmine, rose and sandalwood. Smells like heaven and melts like butter! The second one is Shimmy Shimmy bar which is a sparkly heart shaped bar that smells like vanilla and leaves you all glittery when you use it. I absolutely ADORE LUSH
Forever 21 jewelry haul. I've never been much of a jewelry girl. I just like having simple silver pieces here and there, but lately I've had an itch for CHEAP jewelry. Here is the collection I've gathered from F21 recently

I made four shoe purchases. the first is from Aldo. Strappy platform shoes that go perfectly with black mini skirts. Pretty comfortable too.

My second shoe purchase is the Frye Harness 12r boot in tan. Beautiful high quality boots, but they have been a pain in the ass to break in. Especially tough on my right ankle bone for some reason.

Some plain brown sandals from F21 that I wore daily during the summer. I have a hard time picking out sandals I like because I like simple styles and these days they have so many complicated strappy things that I really can't imagine myself wearing.

A cute Juicy Couture handbag. It's cute, but I don't really like it that much. It looks good in the picture, but the way the bag is built is really weird. I have a hardest time searching for things in this bag for some reason. The handles also wore down pretty quickly which was a disappointment.

Free Pink Tote from Victoria's Secrets. I love free stuff

Two really cheap circle scarves from F21 in mustard and beige. I think they were under $5.

Four jacket purchases from H&M. Two hooded trench coats in tan and black as well as two blazers in gray and black. I get very cold so I love buying things to layer on.

Urban Outfitters purchase. A faux leather hooded bomber jacket. Not as shiny as in this photo. Love this to death! I have a real leather jacket I got from Express from a couple years back that looks kind of like this one minus the hood and it was twice the cost of this, but I find myself wearing this one more.
I'm bad I know, but I got another faux leather jacket, this time from Express. It is the "(minus the) leather moto jacket." I wanted this one because I really like the motorcycle/biker look and it goes great with girly dresses and heels when I go out on weekends.

Another Urban Oufitters purchase. I got the Frye Engineer boot in black (I love Frye boots!), a white button-up shirt that was on sale, and a white vanity mirror. I also got this really cute vintage vanity tray, but it is on backorder :(

We're remodeling our house and so I get to pick out different pieces for the house which is fun. Getting a whole new kitchen, bathroom and all new floors. I'll also be getting a new vanity set!!!!

I think I'll have another update right after this to show you my puppy!!! Mickey!!! He has moved to the garage for the remainder of the remodeling so that he won't have to inhale all that dust while the contractor is working.

My honey backed my car into an Escalade so now there is a dent on the rear bumper.
I am in love with jeggings.

I decided I want to be a vampire this halloween.

I have skipped the gym for a really long time now.

I have not been feeling very healthy for about a month now, I think I need to go through a cleanse or something.

I recently gave Mickey a funny haircut but its growing out now.

I got the Remington 3-in-1 hair styler and now use the wind tunnel thing daily instead of the diffuser for styling my digi perm.

Thats all I can think of for now for whats been going on lately.