Thursday, December 10, 2009

a la framboise

My hunny's favorite French Bakery in Seattle, Le Panier. Love their raspberry and apricot croissants!

Petit Macaron! Lovely little sweet things. Here's cafe, raspberry and vanilla. My favorite is raspberry :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009's a little song I like

Not a new song, but I always liked this one :)
It's "My Style" by Brown-Eyed Girls

the holidays are here!

My honey and I celebrated our 1st anniversary just recently! yay! congrats to us :) He took me to a lovely restaurant in Queen Anne called Canlis.

The place was beautiful!!

The thing I hate about fancy restaurants tho is the microscopic portions they serve! However, the food was really good :O Here's the complimentary soup they served us. I take tequila shots bigger than this lol hahaha just kidding

Fresh oysters!! I luv luv luv oysters yum

Crab Cakes. I don't think I like crab cakes much.

My honey ordered a New York steak. Not bad :)

I ordered King Salmon. omg the figs are to die for!

Some random super delicious Santa Fe Chicken sandwich I got at the Nordstrom Cafe! I'm a piggy

My honey got me soooo many gifts for our anniversary! :( I feel guilty cause I only got him one, ahhhhh! he spoils me.
Frye Veronica Slouch Boots in Cognac. He knows I adore boots :)

A Louis Vuitton Neverfull. I never liked flashy LV logos but this pattern is more subtle and I have grown to love it so so much.

...AND...last but not least!.... TADAAA!!! A diamond ring!!!!! I have the best hunny in the world. luv u luv u luv u!!! I stare at this ring all day at work when I have nothing to do. It's just so sparkly!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Can't wait til the album comes out!!!
Tae Yang "Where U At"

Tae Yang "Wedding Dress"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Recent shopping frenzy

Went shopping crazy recently and I'm afraid its still not entirely out of my system. I get this way during the holidays because of all the "free shipping" deals :)))
Two major point gaining coat purchases on my Angel Card from Victorias Secrets
Black Wool A-Line Coat
Button-up Wool Trench Coat in Tweed

Went a little hat crazy as well, since I've been too lazy to do anything to my hair except wash and dry. My life will be made easier with these hats :P

Goorin Bros. Hardy Bowler Hat
Gray Felt Fedora from Urban Outfitters

Staring at Stars Felt Fedora from Urban Outfitters. I got this in a color called putty actually which is a beige color and cuter than the gray in this pic IMO.

Fried Kalamari Salad at I Love Wasabi. delicious

With my stack of cards growing I've decided to invest in a new wallet and ditch my wristlet. Here is the one I want!!! It's the white "Lovcat Paris" wallet (last two pics) that I adore but probably can't have since its only available in South Korean stores. :(( the same model is in pink too.The pics above them are just random ones that I also found cute.
Love the rhinestone heart snap on this one.

The quilted pattern and pale pink color on this one makes it so girly and cute
The pink version of the wallet I covet. Cute, but a little too bright pink for me.
At last, the wallet that I adore! Unfortunately, not available in US stores I think. If I'm wrong, someone please let me know!!!!!
Vegan Donuts at Mighty-O-Donuts! The best donuts ever! Seasonal pumpkin mini-donuts!

See how big Zoey and Johnny got. 7 months old now!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Quick Update amongst the crazy studying

New nail polish color I just received in the mail. Essie in Chinchilly. Unfortunately, because of the stress I've been biting my nails (nasty habit) and so I will have to wait before I try this color out :(

The Steve Madden Frenncch boots I bought!
Meant to get fake eyelashes for Halloween but got a lot more. I needed another bottle of Benetint and there was a deal where I got a free mini Posietint so I made use of the opportunity...and then some random makeup at ULTA.

Minnie Mouse! My Halloween costume. I forgot to put on my long white satin gloves.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some Christmas trees in the Holiday Lane at Macy's. Ahhh! Christmas is coming up again! Although a bit early I think to be thinking about Christmas when Halloween hasn't even passed. I started getting excited about Christmas when I saw these trees and ornaments tho. :) I just love the holiday season.
This tree had a beachside/seaside theme. It's covered with seashell ornaments and even seahorses.
White-themed tree, love the feathery plume at the top:)~~~~~
Ordered 4 pairs of socks for $20 at, I absolutely love that site. I got the cotton slouch socks in dark brown, dark red, charcoal and plum. You can pull them up to the knee or wear them slouched down. It's been extremely cold in the Seattle area these days and my feet are always ice cold so I decided to invest in some thick warm socks. After trying out these babies for the day I decided I need to order MORE!!!

excuse my hair that got in the way in this pic

ahem* chunky leg pics again, but you can see that they look thick and WARM!!!


I have an exam soon. I really need to haul ass for this one. Tomorrow is gonna be all study for me at Zoka. Wish me luck cause I will need it!

P.S. Good movies to watch are "The Brothers Bloom," and "Rage"

Peace, Love & Ice Cream

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Change of mind! I might be Minnie Mouse this Halloween!

So the other day I was loading Johnny into the car when he bolted out of the garage to go pee. UNFORTUNATELY, one of my many psycho neighbors was walking her tiny dog at the time and Johnny decided to run circles around them after he did his business. The neighbor lady picked up her dog and started yelling at me to catch my dog. I tried to get him but, he kept playing the dodging game with me. silly puppy thought I was playing with him but, no I was trying to catch him so the lady would quit screaming "Will you get your dog!" "Get your dog!" I am not exaggerating when I say she was like a broken record repeating that same thing over and over. I politely and calmy said I was sorry and got a hold of the silly puppy. In my head I was like WTF!!! I heard you the first time lady, constantly repeating me to get my dog is not gonna help me get him faster. Honestly people with small dogs need to relax, my 6-month old labrador retriever is not gonna swallow up your sorry excuse of a dog! I hate uptight people!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

First pumpkin of the season!

First a random pic of Johnny in a t-shirt!
The first pumpkin of the year? Can you guess what the pic is? mickey mouse! not the best carving but, I really tried.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just ordered this costume online, wasn't too bad a price, but you know how cheap and flimsy the quality of halloween costumes can be. I didn't want something too sexy cause I'm just too shy to wear those things, but I thought this one was cute and not too revealing.

First test done!

Really want these Steve Madden Frencchh boots in black right now!

Just finished my first test! I am so relieved, now two more tests to go! Tomorrow is my pretraining class for work and now I'm starting to get more excited about this job instead of scared.

Tomorrow I will be carving pumpkins, something I haven't done since I was like eight, but hopefully my pumpkin carving skills have improved since then lol. Will post a pic of it later, still deciding what I want to carve, hmm...

It's flu season :( My bf's brother just got a case of the flu. It's time to feed on immune-boosting foods and supplements. Chicken soup of course, garlic, honey & lemon tea, green tea, lean meats, oranges and your vitamins of course!
Aside from the flu & colds, I love the autumn season, everything just feel warm and cozy during this season. Anothe big reason I love fall is because I am a big boots fan. I would wear them all year long if I could but, fall is the best time to pull them out. I'm so excited! I also love switching to the dark fall nail polish colors. My new favorite color for the season is Essie's Mink Muffs! I think I already mentioned that, lol. Which reminds me that I'm trying out this drugstore nail polish called Borghese in Terracotta Rose. It's not bad I have to say, although I still luv the mink muff better.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quickie: Mink Muff = Love

My new favorite fall color, Essie in Mink Muffs!

Friday, September 18, 2009

So, those MJ's came in today! They are now my favorite shoes! I can't wait until I actually get to wear them out. Here's some pics of me trying them on right out of the box...again excuse the chunky legs *ahem.

This was the last day of heavy food before we started our diet; salmon penne, seafood grill with brochette. Lunch at Cutter's in Pike Place.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cooking: Black Bean & Corn Salad

The bf and I have officially started a diet. I found this recipe online and its delicious! Black Bean & Corn Salad! Here's a pic of my serving...From here on we've decided to eat healthy. More veggies, grains and all that good stuff. Of course that doesn't mean we can't indulge ourselves once in a while :) This diet will be a challenge since I ABSOLUTELY LOVE FOOD!!!! bye bye to strawberry ice cream and salt & vinegar chips :(

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cooking: Simple Primavera

Came across this photograph by a photographer named Justice Howard. Don't know the artist, but I just thought it was sexy and I love the tattoos in this picture!
Pic of my last cooking experiment! Simple Primavera pasta dish. My bf loves this one!