Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some Christmas trees in the Holiday Lane at Macy's. Ahhh! Christmas is coming up again! Although a bit early I think to be thinking about Christmas when Halloween hasn't even passed. I started getting excited about Christmas when I saw these trees and ornaments tho. :) I just love the holiday season.
This tree had a beachside/seaside theme. It's covered with seashell ornaments and even seahorses.
White-themed tree, love the feathery plume at the top:)~~~~~
Ordered 4 pairs of socks for $20 at, I absolutely love that site. I got the cotton slouch socks in dark brown, dark red, charcoal and plum. You can pull them up to the knee or wear them slouched down. It's been extremely cold in the Seattle area these days and my feet are always ice cold so I decided to invest in some thick warm socks. After trying out these babies for the day I decided I need to order MORE!!!

excuse my hair that got in the way in this pic

ahem* chunky leg pics again, but you can see that they look thick and WARM!!!


I have an exam soon. I really need to haul ass for this one. Tomorrow is gonna be all study for me at Zoka. Wish me luck cause I will need it!

P.S. Good movies to watch are "The Brothers Bloom," and "Rage"

Peace, Love & Ice Cream


  1. that's so pretty!! i really love christmas, i can't wait till it ^^

  2. thank you for dropping by :*
    im a new follower

  3. hi thanks for following my blog i hope you enjoy xoxo ps love the socks

  4. woah... they have christmas trees already?!

    Have a lovely sunday!

  5. the xmas trees are up already, huh!
    love it ^^ i can't wait for christmas!
    followed you :)

  6. Ahhhhhh Christmas Tree lookss soo nice!!!! =O Last year my Chritmas Tree was so tiny hahah and your socks are adorable:P Take caree:D I followed you by the way:P