Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First test done!

Really want these Steve Madden Frencchh boots in black right now!

Just finished my first test! I am so relieved, now two more tests to go! Tomorrow is my pretraining class for work and now I'm starting to get more excited about this job instead of scared.

Tomorrow I will be carving pumpkins, something I haven't done since I was like eight, but hopefully my pumpkin carving skills have improved since then lol. Will post a pic of it later, still deciding what I want to carve, hmm...

It's flu season :( My bf's brother just got a case of the flu. It's time to feed on immune-boosting foods and supplements. Chicken soup of course, garlic, honey & lemon tea, green tea, lean meats, oranges and your vitamins of course!
Aside from the flu & colds, I love the autumn season, everything just feel warm and cozy during this season. Anothe big reason I love fall is because I am a big boots fan. I would wear them all year long if I could but, fall is the best time to pull them out. I'm so excited! I also love switching to the dark fall nail polish colors. My new favorite color for the season is Essie's Mink Muffs! I think I already mentioned that, lol. Which reminds me that I'm trying out this drugstore nail polish called Borghese in Terracotta Rose. It's not bad I have to say, although I still luv the mink muff better.

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