Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Quick Update amongst the crazy studying

New nail polish color I just received in the mail. Essie in Chinchilly. Unfortunately, because of the stress I've been biting my nails (nasty habit) and so I will have to wait before I try this color out :(

The Steve Madden Frenncch boots I bought!
Meant to get fake eyelashes for Halloween but got a lot more. I needed another bottle of Benetint and there was a deal where I got a free mini Posietint so I made use of the opportunity...and then some random makeup at ULTA.

Minnie Mouse! My Halloween costume. I forgot to put on my long white satin gloves.


  1. OMG! That is the same Maybelline shadow I am been eyeing...Hmmm...now I really, really want. Aren't the colors gorgeous?

  2. I love your Halloween costume.

  3. i love your costume its super cute!!!


  4. You look so lovely in that minniemouse costume~<3