Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Recent shopping frenzy

Went shopping crazy recently and I'm afraid its still not entirely out of my system. I get this way during the holidays because of all the "free shipping" deals :)))
Two major point gaining coat purchases on my Angel Card from Victorias Secrets
Black Wool A-Line Coat
Button-up Wool Trench Coat in Tweed

Went a little hat crazy as well, since I've been too lazy to do anything to my hair except wash and dry. My life will be made easier with these hats :P

Goorin Bros. Hardy Bowler Hat
Gray Felt Fedora from Urban Outfitters

Staring at Stars Felt Fedora from Urban Outfitters. I got this in a color called putty actually which is a beige color and cuter than the gray in this pic IMO.

Fried Kalamari Salad at I Love Wasabi. delicious

With my stack of cards growing I've decided to invest in a new wallet and ditch my wristlet. Here is the one I want!!! It's the white "Lovcat Paris" wallet (last two pics) that I adore but probably can't have since its only available in South Korean stores. :(( the same model is in pink too.The pics above them are just random ones that I also found cute.
Love the rhinestone heart snap on this one.

The quilted pattern and pale pink color on this one makes it so girly and cute
The pink version of the wallet I covet. Cute, but a little too bright pink for me.
At last, the wallet that I adore! Unfortunately, not available in US stores I think. If I'm wrong, someone please let me know!!!!!
Vegan Donuts at Mighty-O-Donuts! The best donuts ever! Seasonal pumpkin mini-donuts!

See how big Zoey and Johnny got. 7 months old now!!!

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  1. Wow you did exercise your wallet. But I LOVE the first coat! It's gorgeous! And know what? You deserve all the goodies!