Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Review: Flawless You Forever Floral Blush

I've been using these Flawless You Forever floral blushes for a while and I must say I am pleased with them. Not only are they pretty, but they have excellent pigmentation. I have two of the blushes in the colors Autumn(left) and Romance(right). The blushes can be purchased at at $19 a blush

Somehow this picture uploaded upside down, but here we have Romance on the left and Autumn on the right. The FYF floral blushes come in this pretty rose-carved design which was the biggest reason why I purchased them. I didn't want to fork up the money for Lancome's Le Rose Deco blush.

Romance is a soft rosy pink color which at first glance may look like it wouldn't show up on my skin, but like I said before these blushes have excellent pigmentation. It is composed of rose, mauve, peach and light pink color bits, which could be combined together or used separately as eyeshadow. The light pink color could work as a highlight. Some of the colors that make up this blush are shimmery while some are matte, so when combined an applied it will leave a slightly shimmery look.

Autumn is a peachy brown color and looks really nice for fall/winter when my skin looks pale and dead. Gives a beautiful wash of color on the cheeks that reminds me of autumn leaves. It is composed of medium brown, peachy brown and golden brown bits, some of which are shimmery. Again, I'm sure these color bits could be used individually as eye shadow.

Here are the two blushes swatched. Autumn(left) and Romance(right).
As you can see they are really pigmented and of course you have to apply these with a light hand, especially Autumn. The colors look prettier in person and I didn't have the best lighting since it was already dark outside when I took this and my camera flash sort of washed out the colors. I definitely recommend trying out these blushes, they are absolutely adorable in appearance and fun to use. I would repurchase these simply because I love how they are carved into a rose, but the quality in my opinion is good too.

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