Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sitting at my computer sipping a warm cup of earl grey with honey, no milk this time because I wasn't feeling it. I did a bit of online Christmas shopping which saves me lots of time because I don't want to waste hours looking through stores. I actually rarely do "organic" shopping anymore lol. Everything is online and I'm lazy.

For the longest time I've been trying to find a replacement for my MAC plushglass in angel cream(bottom) because it was limited edition and I can't get it anymore. I picked up the MAC cremesheen glass in partial to pink(top) because it came close.

However, looking at the swatches, you can see partial to pink(left) is a bit rosier or peachier than angel cream(right). So I am still on the lookout, but I like the cremesheen glass. I ordered a limited edition dazzleglass creme in perfectly unordinary(will post pics of when it arrives) and I'm hoping it will be more of a pale pink than the cremesheen glass.

I want to find the exact color, willing to take suggestions!!


  1. i love tea but havent had some in a while =D

  2. @Ken: You should treat yourself to a cup soon!

  3. Hi did you ever find another Mac angel cream lipglass