Saturday, December 11, 2010

Victoria's Secret single eyeshadows

I've been using all my Victoria's Secret secret reward cards on their single eyeshadows, which I have been using every day. The colors could be a bit more pigmented, but they are all gorgeous colors and I love them nonetheless. All the colors are very sexy and I stuck with the neutrals. I may pick up a few more if I find some other colors I like.

Left to right:
Top: Private Beach, Lose Control,
Middle: Provocateur, Between the Sheets
Bottom: Champagne, Pose 

Here are the swatches, Left to Right:
Top: Champagne, Provocateur, Private Beach
Bottom: Pose, Between the Sheets, Lose Control

Champagne: A shimmery champagne color, pretty straight forward
Provocateur: Shimmery copper bronze shade.
Private Beach: Mauve-y light brown shade
Pose: Matte taupe
Between the Sheets: Shimmery brown with gold flecks
Lose Control: A chocolate brown, darker than Between the Sheets, with silver flecks

I've been using my Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte Primer with these eyeshadows (Definitely use a primer with these eyeshadows) and I also find that my Eco Tools 5-piece travel eyeshadow brushes work better with these eyeshadows than my sigma brushes.


  1. ohhh thanks for sharing !!!! it was super interesting ! i actually didn't know that this brand had launched make up !

    xxx !

  2. @ Lily Blue: You should definitely check it out. Private Beach and Between the Sheets are my favs.