Friday, May 21, 2010

Update on life and a few purchases

Purchased Mac's Viva Glam Gaga after seeing swatches online. It is such a cute soft mauve-y pink. I love how it doesn't dry out my lips because most of my other Mac lipsticks do.

Steve Madden Ulltra pumps in blush. My other nude pump purchase turned out to be half a size too big so I gave them to my mom who loves them.

My sweet mother surprised me with a pearl necklace that is made up of different pastel colored pearls. Still figuring out what I can wear this with but I love the heavy weight of it and the soft colors.

So my life right now. I've started working and I am excited, but I am scared even more. I've always had this fear of failure so it's a constant battle, but I know that this fear will only get in the way so I gotta think positive and work hard.

The weather this past week was awesome, but the downside of that is allergies :(( They've hit me pretty hard this season lol.

The gym I used to go to closed down!! It was the best deal ever too, only $10 a month. I was disappointed because I was sure i couldn't find a deal as great as that. However, I found a new gym which is much bigger and better. Although the cost is $25 a month I really like the gym overall so it's worth the extra.

My diet of eating healthy and cutting out all junk went pretty well for about two months, but lately I've been slacking so I'm hoping to get back to my healthy ways soon.

Taking up Korean so I can get better at speaking my own language, lol. So sad I know.

Watched the move "Letter to Juliet,"and absolutely loved it. Oh how I wish love was like that in real life lol. It was just a cute movie. I remember at the end when the old grandma was reading Sophie's letter, it was so sweet and it gave me that feeling you get when you're in love and you get so excited that your heart kind of goes up and down and feels like its going to pop. I don't get that feeling often anymore and its so random that I got it from watching a movie lol. It's funny how your body reacts that way when you feel happy or a feeling of love, almost like love and happiness actually take some kind of physical form that puts pressure on your chest.

Just finished reading "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time," by Mark Haddon. Good quirky and sweet story.

Ordered a Lioele (A Korean company) Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base in Pink. Should have put a pic up, but I forgot. I purchased it after seeing it in a product review on the frmheadtotoe blog. Like so far.

Thinking about getting a small tattoo on my back.

Just got a new haircut. Shortened my layers and trimmed the ends a bit because my hair is getting so long and heavy. It feels lighter now and much more volumized. Booked an appointment for a digi-perm in June. I have a texture perm but I saw someone getting a digi-perm and it turned out so pretty that I think I'll try that next time, plus it's less damaging to your hair than a texture perm. My hairstylist also talked me into purchasing a "mop-c system texture spray." :O oh I like it though so I don't feel guilty about the spontaneous purchase.

I usually do my own nails, I feel like getting manicures is too costly and I don't really like wearing anything but my natural nails so I stick to grooming my own nails. However, the other day, my friend wanted me to go with her to get them done so I paid $20 to get a french mani that started chipping the next day. I could have done a better job. It wasn't a fancy high end salon so I guess that could have had something to do with it.

I want to go to Paris.

Went on a hike last weekend and the dogs. They actually behaved when we took them off the leash and Zoey would even wait for me to catch up with her. aww so cute, I love her more now.

I have the song "The Girl from Ipanema" stuck in my head.

My sister hit my car when parking next to me and left a bunch of big black scratches on the side.'s not that noticeable tho.

My cousin owns a shiba inu and I never liked it before because it seemed arrogant and dwarf-like (Like a miniature jindo gae, which is a Korean dog), but I'm starting to think it's cute lol.

I also want to go to Disneyland, I haven't been there since I was young, but I remember how exciting and fun it was. It will probably be not as fun for me now tho so maybe it's good to not go and just keep the good exciting memories of it alive.

I made my own rose oil perfume mix, the smell is so comforting. I've always loved the smell of roses.

Finally got the hang of using false eyelashes at the age of 23. That is pathetic.

Also started wearing purple gel eyeliner instead of black all the time. It looks softer.

Sorry that this entry is so splotchy and random. It just happened somehow lol.

I want to take piano again, maybe attend church again too.

I want a pomeranian puppy like the one I had when I was little.


  1. Those pumps are great. Hehe, every girl needs a professional mani some times. And you should post some pics of your new hair cut.

  2. I need Gaga in my life. But my local MAC is still sold out. :(