Friday, May 28, 2010

New Puppy!!!

Got a new puppy!! Which is good and bad news.

The other day, my escape artist dogs, Johnny and Zoey, decided to escape and not return. So we did a craigslist lost ad and got a quick reply from someone who had found them. Sad to say, I had mixed feelings after hearing they were found. I feel so annoyed with them always running off. They have no loyalty to the ones that feed and care for them. It was also difficult because my honey and I are busy so it's really inconvenient to have two big dogs that are pretty high maintenance. So after some thought, which didn't take too long, we decided to give away Johnny. :( He seems to be the more independent one and has a problem with listening to us when we call him and ultimately is the less obedient one so that is why we decided to give him up. I think he will be better off with a family that has a big yard they can let him play in.

That is the bad part of the "new puppy" news, but the good part is of course the new puppy! We've had him for a couple days now and it is such a breath of fresh air to take care of him. Oh I forgot to mention it is a male pomeranian. We named him Mickey. He is so much easier to take care of and gets along well with Zoey so I really like this new arrangement better. Plus he is super adorable and portable, lol.

Couple purchases from Victoria's Secrets semi-annual sale.

terry boatneck swim cover-up

VS Pink terry hoodie robe

The new job is going pretty well. It's a bit challenging for me, but I always remind myself that stepping out of my comfort zone is something I should always be doing if I want to grow as a person, and that helps me stay motivated.

Looking forward to the long weekend! Also made an appointment for a digital perm in june!!


  1. What an adorable pom pom you have! Oh you will have your hands full now! But he's super cute!

  2. aaahh so cute!! i wish i had a pup too! :D

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