Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today was actually clear and sunny. No rain! What a shock. I hope it will be just as sunny tomorrow. I also hope everyone is taking their mommies out to dinner because we all know they deserve some appreciation! Mine sure deserves some for keeping up with my spending habits back in the day, lol :))) I also plan to take my mom to see Iron-Man 2 in the evening since she never goes to the theater anymore and I really want to see the movie!

Me and the honey went on a date today. Just a relaxing hang-out date. Ate some thai food. Walked around Green Lake and played with EVERY DOG WE PASSED BY. What can I say, my honey loves dogs. Then we did a little window shopping which didn't really work out.

A couple H&M purchases. I love that store! A dusty rose pink sweater dress. It's sleeves are sort of cinched up to the elbows creating dolman-like sleeves. It would look perfect with leggings and a hair of heels. Price = $19.95

On a side note, my honey mentioned the other day that whenever we take couple pictures I always blend into the background cause I always wear earthy colors and he always wears bright colors which make him stand out in the pics. Then we went into this discussion about how it reflects so much of our personalities, yadda yadda ya... I've realize now that I am one of those people with almost a monochrome wardrobe. I have so much gray, brown, cream, and when I do wear brighter colors it's always a dusty, soft, faded version of the color. I really need to add a pop of bright, in your face color to my closet. Hopefully my next purchase will make a bolder color statement!
The second purchase is the scarf. This is a more close-up picture of it so you can see it's cute soft pastel floral print, which I love!!! It's the perfect spring scarf to throw onto a simple outfit to add some color. The best part is, Price = $4.95!!!

The date ended with a trip to our favorite tea shop, Shinka Tea of course!.......Then we went to Home Depot for what seemed like hours because my honey wanted to find a few things. I spent the whole time looking at paint and carpet

Seeing all those puppies around Green Lake made me miss my babies when they were wee little things. Here are some old puppy pictures.


  1. Great date! Aww, those puppies look so cute!

  2. The puppies are so cute! Is one of them a lab?