Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Greetings from Mickey!! This day should have been spent doing what you love, with the people you love. Whether it's a romantic dinner with a special someone, staying in and watching a movie with your best buds, shopping with your mom, or just spending some time at the park with your pet. There are no rules to what you should do on Valentine's Day, no one should ever feel awkward or left out on Valentine's day. It's really just to celebrate love, life and happiness. Should not be stereotyped as anything else.  Also, try to avoid the consumer aspect of Valentine's Day.

This year, my honey and I had a quick and quiet dinner at restaurant in Pike Place. Here is my eye makeup for the evening. Simple cateye and falsies. Ont he rest of my face I wore Dr. Jart's Gold Label BB Cream, Too Faced Snow Bunny bronzer, and a MAC lipstick in Angel (my first and favorite MAC lipstick). I do not get to wear blush often because as you can see in the picture, I get this natural flush on my cheeks already (which I really wish I didn't have).

 I ordered a pasta dish (I could live off of pasta!).

 We agreed no presents!! Because I am unemployed at the moment and because we both have everything we really need. But, he broke our pact and bought me a small shoulder strap marc jacobs clutch. I have been searching for a clutch for the longest time and it was so thoughtful of him to give me something I can really put to use. We go out on the weekends frequently, so this will be perfect for it. I was so surprised and happy with the gift, because it is exactly what I was looking for. He spoils me. I feel bad I didn't get him anything. poop. But, I love him so so so so much!

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