Friday, February 11, 2011

OPI Black Shatter Polish & Spring/Summer Picks

 Finally I was able to pick up the OPI Black Shatter polish from ulta. I tried it on as soon as I got home and love it! It's so fun to put on and really gives you more to play with from nail polish colors you already have.


Spring/Summer Picks for Shoes

MIA Manchester Wedge Pump. (I think that's the name lol)
Great feminine shoes for when you're wearing skirts, shorts or dresses. I love to wear these with cropped pants as well.

Swedish Hasbeen peep toe pumps. Again, a great pair to wear with shorts, skirts and dresses. The wood part is kind of fragile so I have to be careful not to nick them against steps and such. I love wearing these with socks during colder months as well.

Vintage Dexter Loafers (Got them for like $25 off ebay)
When I don't feel like wearing heels, these are my go-to shoes. They look great with just about anything. I highly recommend getting a pair of loafers, they just add a cute boyish touch to any outfit.

Wedges I got from Forever21 I think. When I think of spring and summer shoes, I think of wedges. I think every girl should have a pair. I love wearing these with high-waisted full skirts, cropped pants, dresses and of course shorts. I think this pair ran around $20.

Spring/Summer Picks for Fragrances

Just some of my picks, however, there are no rules to what perfumes you should wear seasonally.

Daytime picks(left to right):
Burberry Summer by Burberry: Fruity Floral scent
Chloe by Chloe: Powdery floral musk
YSL Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent: Very fruity rose scent

Evening Picks:
Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka: A very unique mysterious scent. A bit musky and hard to describe. Reminds me of Tim Burton films.

Spring/Summer Picks...To Be Continued...


And of course, a spring/summer must-have...
A TAN!!!!!!!
I haven't tried this product out yet, but it was recommended by a friend so hopefully I will look beautifully tan when spring and summer come around.

 Tall and tan, and young and lovely, the girl from Ipanema goes walking, and when she passes each one she passes goes aahhhhhh

Mickey's hair is growing back pretty well. Looks like he will be fluffier than he was before his haircut! My baby loves to pose for the camera :)))


  1. Wild nails! They look so cool. Your pup is adorable!

  2. Great haul hun!!And love your fragranced collection!!

  3. Im really interested in the OPI shatter polish especially after seeing how it looks on your nails!

    It seems to be of a much better quality than any of the other 'crackling' nail varnishes on the market.