Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Seattle = Rain = Depression = :(

Here's a pic of me in Leavenworth's Bavarian Village with their awesome bratwursts! Yummm!!! highlight of the trip, made up for the car accident on the way. I wore so many layers but I still felt really cold! Especially my hands and feet! They have an awesome gourmet cheese shop called "The Cheesemonger's Shop." After eating some of the delicious cheese there I can't wait to go back and fill my trunk with all the varieties of cheese they have (you see why my diet doesn't work lol)
A cute little husky pup I got to babysit for a minute while the owner used the potty. Puppy smelled like soap & love :)
Insane collection of creepy dolls plus me hiding in the background.

Just ordered this chemise cuz I always sleep in shorts and a T-shirt and I wanted something that made me feel preeettyy when I sleep for a change.

Second purchase from VS was this really cute bikini, exact same color as in the picture. I will probably need a tan and a diet to look this good, but hey I can try to work on that. Really got to cut down on the VS shopping!! :0


...And to the topic. After graduation I've noticed I get stressed easier and often feel really depressed. The Seattle rain doesn't help either of course. I feel like my life has become a monotonous cycle repeating itself every 24 hours. For the past few months I thought it was just me, but after bringing it up with my friends it sounds like it's a common issue with them as well. I'm starting to think class of 2009 is cursed! I've been getting really sensitive to things I've never paid attention to before. I argue more with my honey. I feel more vulnerable to getting hurt which starts making me think that I am just plain weak. The stress has gotten easier to deal with as time goes on. The cure is really just my attitude, but that is pretty difficult for me cuz unfortunately I'm naturally just a pessimistic person. I've found that to help me from feeling depressed I work on finding little things to do that make me happy such as visiting my favorite tea shop or going on a date with my honey. Little things like that are what keep me from completely falling through. I'm really thankful for these everyday things that keep me smiling. These days I also hold dear to me the advice my teacher from high school gave me. "Don't sweat the small stuff," and I completely agree with the saying! I'm hoping to use this blog to remind myself to try to stay positive and don't dwell on little things that don't really matter. I used to keep a paper journal all through my high school days which helped keep me from feeling stressed, but I dropped that hobby when I started college and now I think I'll try to blog more often to keep my stress level down.


  1. It looks like Christmas over there and the snow looks GREAT!

  2. Great pictures. Thank you for sharing :)

    OMG I love that bikini! it's gorgeous!