Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Want a Red Mill Burger!!!!

So...I woke up this morning craving this! I always do when I drink the night before. I feel like I could eat everything the next morning :) I'm not a big burger person, the greasy oily taste just really gets to me, but Red Mill Burgers and In-N-Out are a total exception
Wanted to tell you a little story about an incident I had last night. It was a little gathering at a friend's place. There is this guy that came to the gathering. He happens to be a good friend of my honey which doesn't make me like him any more. Anyway, this guy purposely pronounces my name wrong through the entire night. I know he knows how to pronounce my name because we had met before and I remember him being a really nice guy actually, but after last night he is officially a jerk in my book. I even confronted him about pronouncing my name wrong all night even after so many people corrected him. You will not believe how rude he was when I asked him about it. He says "Does it matter?" WTF He also continues to sneak in rude comments to me and I just don't understand why he would be so mean to me since I am someone he barely knows!!!! I guess he's known for being socially awkward, but I remember him being just fine the last time I had met him. I don't know maybe I was just drunk and imagining all this, I just felt really surprised that some guy I don't really even know could be so rude!!!!
...OK, the venting is over :)
...I will try to be mature about this and not expect an apology from him next time we meet
...although I fully believe I deserve one!!!!
It's actually a sunny day in Seattle! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend regardless of weather!


  1. What a jerk! He totally should apologize!

  2. Red Mill Burgers? In and Out? Is that a franchise in America? It's not here in Australia :( But I could do for a burger like that, right now ><

  3. tris1978ton: I totally agree too! The funny thing is he keeps texting my honey suggesting we all hang out. He acts like nothing happened!

    Vincent: In-N-Out is a larger franchise and I would have to go all the way to cali to have one cuz there are none in Washington:(. Red Mill has only 2 locations in the Seattle area I believe. I bet Australia has some nice burger joints!

  4. I don't know if there's been any change in the situation since then, but that guy sure doesn't sound like it's someone I'd like to be friends with. Just put all that aside and not think about it. He's not worth fretting over. :)