Sunday, January 2, 2011

Few purchases and gifts I'm loving at the moment

I have just recently started wearing foundation on a more regular basis. I usually go without foundation, just because I don't like that feeling of having stuff on my skin, but after starting work I feel like I should wear something to look a bit more put together. With that in my mind, I needed a good makeup remover that would take everything off my skin when I got home. All the foundation, eyemakeup, etc. I decided to try the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil because of its great reviews. I've used this for a couple of weeks now and this stuff is amazing. It's an oil that you massage onto a dry face. I put it on and just make sure I rub the oil evenly onto my skin and it removes all my makeup really easily. Then I just rinse it off with water, which is the cool part is. It comes off extremely easy with water even though it is an oil.

I was looking for a product for the ends of my hair just to help soften them a bit. I am still on my no-shampoo routine, but I wanted to pamper the ends of my hair because the baking soda dries them out a bit. I wanted something very natural, sulfate-free and I ran into this product at ulta. It caught my attention because I love coconut oil and it happens to be one of the ingredients in this product. It smells divine, which is great for me because I don't use shampoo and it adds a pleasant scent to my hair. It smoothes out any dry frizziness and I'm very happy its not filled with harmful ingredients.

After my first drugstore purchase, I couldn't resist getting another highly-reviewed drugstore lipstick. I picked up a tube of Rimmel Airy Fairy and was pleased with this purchase as well. It's a mauve-y pink lipstick with golden flecks. It's a great everyday neutral color for work.

Seychelles Mercury Oxford. I love these shoes! I've always loved oxfords and I have a pair of black ones, but I wanted a brown pair and so when I saw these online, I had to have them. I like them a lot better than my black pair because the heel is much lower. The heel is 2-2.5 inches high I believe, which makes it much more comfortable to wear. I love to wear them with shorts, skirts, leggings and black skinnies. Because of how comfortable they are, this pair has become one of my go-to shoes.

 River Island Helix Boots. These boots have been a want of mine and I am so pleased to have received them. Again, with the low heel, I can wear these comfortably anywhere. I love the shearling trim and the leather. I usually wear them with the shearling trim folded over like in the picture below. Since my wardrobe is pretty basic and neutral, these really help add some flair to my outfit.

Frye Dorado Riding boots in Textured Bordeaux. These are my go-to boots for the fall/winter season.They are just a nice clean looking pair of knee high boots that look great with skinny jeans. I love the quality of these boots. I love the quality of all Frye shoes/boots actually. Frye is one of my favorite shoe brands. I think I have five pairs of shoes from them that I absolutely love. Their shoes are just gorgeous and the quality never fails.

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